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GrandMA 2 Light (with wing)
GrandMA full size
Avolite Tiger Touch
Avolite Pearl 2000
Avolite Pearl 2004
Avolite Pearl Expert
Avolite Shadow
Highend Full Boar 4
High End Road Hog Full Boar
High End Road Hog External wing
Jands Hog 1000
Jands Event 24
Jadns Event 48
Jands ESP II
Jands Stage 12
LCD Monitors 15, 17, 19 inch
Eaton UPS

ETC Source 4 profiles 19 deg
ETC Source 4 profiles 26 deg
ETC Source 4 profiles 15-30 deg
ETC Source 4 profiles 25-50 deg junior
ETC Source 4 profiles 25-50 zoom
ETC Source 4 fresnel
Selecon Acclaim 650w Profile
Selecon Acclaim 650w Fresnels
Selecon Lui 1000w cyc floods
DWE 2 Lite Duet
DWE 4 Lite
DWE 8 Lite
ACL 8 Lite
PAR 16
PAR 38
PAR 56

PAR 64

Trussing & Rigging
Global F34 300mm Box Truss 0.5mt
Global F34 300mm Box Truss 1mt
Global F34 300mm Box Truss 1.5mt
Global F34 300mm Box Truss 2mt
Global F34 300mm Box Truss 3mt
Global F34 300mm Box Truss Cubes
Global F34 300mm Box Truss Hinges
Global F34 300mm Box Truss Base Plates
Global F34 300mm Box Truss Top Plates
CLS 350mm Box Truss 3mt
CLS 350mm Box Truss Corners
CLS 350mm Box Truss Base Plates
Global F54 500mm Box Truss 1mt
Global F54 500mm Box Truss 2mt
Global F54 500mm Box Truss 3mt
Global F54 500mm Box Truss Cubes
Global F54 500mm Box Truss Hinges
Global F54 500mm Box Truss Base Plates
CM 1ton Chain motors
1ton chain block 5mt drop
1ton chain block 6mt drop
1ton chain block 7mt drop
1ton chain block 15mt drop
Wire Ladders
Inertia Reels
2.2ton Wire Ropes various lengths
All harness and safety climbing gear

2400 x 1200 Megadeck
1200 x 1200 Megadeck  
2400 x   600 Megadeck
1800 x   600 Megadeck
1200 x   600 Megadeck 
Various Riser wheels and static legs Avail.

Party Lights    
EGO 3   
EGO 4   
Mania DC1, DC2, DC3   
MX 4   
Mirrorballs 12, 16, 20 inch   
Monster 2.3mt Mirror Ball   
Mirror Cylinders   

Intelligent Fixtures
Mac Viper Spot's
Clay Paky Sharpy
GLP Impression RZ 120
Martin MAC 250 Entour
Martin MAC 700 Wash
Martin MAC 700 Spot
Martin Mac 2k Spot
Martin Mac 101
Martin Mac 2k Wash
Color Kinetics Colorblaze 72
Martin Atomic 3000
Martin Atomic Colours
Studio Due CS-4
Studio Due City colour 2500
High End Technobeam
Chromalech Jarag 5
Proshop Sunstrip
LED Par 56
LED Par 64
LED Pinspot
LED Truss warmer
LED Strips
LED Tubes
LED Balls 
LED Multipars
LED Fusion Bar

Dimmers & Distro's    
Jands 4pak
Jands HP 12 Dimmer
Jands FP 12 Dimmer
PDS 453 Powerlock
Powerlock Systems
36-way Touring Dimmer Racks
48-way Touring Distro Racks
Jands PDS 12, 12ch Distro
12 Way Distro
LSC Dimmers

Data Splitters   
Jands DD6-2 Data Splitters
Jands DD8 Data Splitters
Avolite Data Splitters
Wireless Solutions W-DMX
Entec Datagate

Unique 1 Hazer
Unique 2 Hazer
High End F100
High End FQ100
Jem AF1 fans
Kupo Digifans

DJ Gear
Pioneer DJM 600   
Pioneer DJM 800   
Pioneer DJM 1000   
Allen & Heath Zone 62   
Allen & Heath Zone 92   
Rane TTM 56
Rane TTM 57  
Pioneer CDJ 100   
Pioneer CDJ 500   
Pioneer CDJ 1000 mk1, mk2, mk3
Pioneer CDJ 2000  
Pioneer EFX 1000   
Technics Turntables SL 1200   
Technics Turntables SL 1210   
Vestax PCM-55   
Vestax PCM-05   
Vestax DCR1200   
KORG Kaoss pad KP2

Audio Gear  
Nexo PS15   
Nexo PS15 Subs   
Camco Amplifiers   
Shure Radio Mics 
RCF Art 322  
Soft Goods  
Various Autopole Hardware   
Black Wool 3mt -6mt   
Black Wool 6mt x 6mt    
Tab Tracking   
White Cyc 12mt x 7mt   
White Cyc 6mt x 6mt   
Black sharkstooth Scrim 12mt x 7mt   
Truss Borders 400mm, 350mm, 600mm

52 inch Plasma   
42inch Plasma   
MX 50 Vision Mixer   
Panasonic Projector PT-D5700   
All Signal Distribution Amplifiers